[BREAKING] Ike evicted from BBNaija

Steve Ikechukwu Onyema, popularly known as Ike, has been evicted from the BBNaija House.

The 26-year-old was evicted on Sunday, being the 91st day of the ongoing reality show.

In what might be their last diary session, Ike, Elozonam and Mike talked to Biggie about what they were grateful for and how they have changed in the Big Brother Naija House.

See Ike making his way out of the house:

According to his bio posted on BBNaija website, Ike is originally from Imo State, but shares his time between Houston, Texas and Lagos, Nigeria.

BBNaija said of him: “He’s loud and colourful and loves to entertain because [as he says]’you only live once.’

“When he lost his business in 2013, Ike had to move in with his cousin. Luckily, things are looking up for him now.

“In his downtime, you will find Ike eating steak and vegging out on the couch watching his favourite movie ‘No Country For Old Men.’

“Not even a family loss would make him quit the game. And if he was rich, he would still do it for the experience.”

When asked what irritates him most about other people, he responded, “People who talk too much.”

Asked what he would do with the prize money, he volunteered: “I’ll give my cousin some money. I live with him and he has been taking care of my bills for the last seven months.

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“I’d put some money into real estate and give some to a children’s charity.”

“Why will you be a fan favourite,” he was asked, and he responded, “My funny personality and my looks will carry me through.

“I’ll definitely put on a show.”

The show actually ended as he left the house on Sunday night.


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